In recognition of winners, 2015 Yukon Prospectors of the Year, and Victoria Gold Corporation’s Yukon Chamber of Mines community award

Mr. Silver: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.

I would just like to also briefly add my congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Leckie awards, the prospectors of the year and the Yukon Chamber of Mines community awards. Of course, the Leckie Award, as has already been said, was created in 1999 to tribute Robert E. Leckie, the mining inspector for Mayo — the award being presented to worthy recipients for excellence in environmental stewardship, outstanding social responsibility and leadership in innovation in mining practices. Of course this year is absolutely no exception.

I would like to thank Minto Explorations Ltd., Kaminak Gold Corporation and Caw Mining and also, of course, all the nominees. It was great to see Derek Scheffen up there with Allison and Randy to accept the award on behalf of Kaminak. Hopefully next time he is up on the stage we’ll get him a speaking role, but it was really good to see a company that has local hire at their heart.

I just very quickly want to thank all the Leckie Award winners, and also the prospector of the year to Roger Hulstein, and to all the crew at Gorilla Minerals and to Victoria Gold for winning their community award through the Yukon Chamber of Commerce. The Liberal caucus absolutely recognizes the hard work that they are all doing in the territory and wish them continued success — and also thank you for your leadership in the mining industry.