Investing in a sustainable future for the Yukon

A re-elected Yukon Liberal government will implement Our Clean Future, the Yukon’s climate change, energy and green economy strategy.  The strategy was developed in partnership with Yukon First Nations, municipalities and transboundary Indigenous groups. It identifies 131 actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, increase renewable energy capacity, adapt to climate change and create economic opportunities for Yukon companies to be part of the green economy.

A Yukon Liberal government will spend $50 million this year alone to support the Yukon’s green economy.

To help Yukoners tackle climate change, a re-elected Yukon Liberal government will:

  • Make it affordable for Yukoners and businesses to buy electric vehicles (EVs) and e-bikes by providing rebates of $5,000 for an EV and $750.00 for an e-bike;
  • Install more EV charging stations in businesses and building developments;
  • Work with British Columbia to electrify the highway from Vancouver to Tuktoyaktuk by 2025;
  • Support climate change adaptation plans in all rural communities to ensure the Yukon is resilient and protected from climate hazards;
  • Mandate all new Yukon government buildings to use 35% less energy than the targets specified in the National Energy Code;
  • Continue to incentivize Yukoners to build green homes;
  • Support Yukoners to transition their home heating systems to renewable sources with a goal of 1,300 homes on smart electric heating systems by 2030; and
  • Partner with communities to develop low-interest loans for residential and commercial energy retrofits.

To help meet the territory’s energy needs in a sustainable way, a Yukon Liberal government will support and implement Yukon Energy’s 10-Year Renewable Electricity Plan, which includes:

  • Purchasing hydropower from the Atlin hydro plant, owned by the Taku River Tlingit First Nation;
  • Constructing a new pumped storage facility at Moon Lake to store extra power not used in the summer for use in the winter; and
  • Expanding and upgrading the transmission network in the Southern Lakes region to connect projects to the grid and open up future sales opportunities with Skagway.

A Yukon Liberal government will also establish an energy task team within the Yukon government dedicated to helping our municipal and First Nations partners advance their energy projects. Additionally, the Liberals will continue to support solar and micro-energy projects across the Yukon, continue to investigate the use of geothermal energy for heat and electricity, and support the implementation of sustainable biomass systems across the territory to help advance the Yukon’s green economy.

“Tackling climate change is not optional. Yukoners are seeing the effects of climate change everyday and want a government that will take action to mitigate impacts in our communities. Our strategy to address climate change was developed in partnership with First Nations and municipalities. It will keep the Yukon a leader in clean energy while creating jobs and opportunities in the territory’s growing green economy.”

Liberal candidate for Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes John Streicker

“Investing in renewable energy will create a more sustainable future for all Yukoners. Expanding our renewable energy capacity will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and allow us to responsibly meet demand as the Yukon’s population and economy continue to grow. Working in partnership with First Nations on new legacy renewable projects will provide community benefits, create economic opportunities and keep our economy strong and resilient.”

Liberal candidate for Copperbelt North Ted Adel