Let’s Keep Going – Yukon Liberal Party 2021 Platform

Whitehorse, YT – The Yukon Liberal Party is committed to continue to support strong, positive progress in the Yukon. In the 2021 platform released today, the party lays out an ambitious plan to take the territory boldly toward a shared future.

Over the last four and a half years, the Yukon Liberal team has worked tirelessly to make the Yukon a better place to live. We kept Yukoners safe and supported through a pandemic, partnered with other governments in the Yukon to grow the territory’s economy while protecting the environment and invested in healthier communities.

Our track record is strong and we know we can take the territory even further.

We will keep the Yukon’s economic momentum going.

Our government cut taxes and fostered growth in the business sector. Now, we are looking to the future by supporting the agriculture sector to produce more local food, establishing an innovation commission to attract new technology start-ups, developing a mixed-use complex to host large events, and creating an immigration strategy to support the growing demand for workers.

We are committed to making this summer great for Yukoners and the tourism industry. The Great Yukon Summer campaign will give the industry a lift during this difficult time and give Yukoners new reasons to enjoy this amazing territory.

We will keep addressing the climate crisis.

Our plan to address climate change is comprehensive and ambitious. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent, gives Yukoners access to affordable renewable energy, outlines actions to adopt to climate change and creates opportunities for Yukon companies to be part of the green economy.

We will keep supporting Yukoners through COVID-19.

Our platform recognizes the impacts COVID-19 has had on the territory and identifies how we can come out of this even stronger. We are committed to continuing support programs for businesses and individuals. We are committed to work with medical professionals to lift restrictions as it is safe to do so and to reviewing emergency policies so we are ready if this should happen again.

We will keep supporting healthy, safe families.

We have introduced an affordable early learning childcare program to save Yukon families thousands of dollars each year and make it possible for both parents to have the choice to return to work.

We will continue to improve the Yukon’s health care system by following the Putting People First report recommendations. When implemented, this plan will make the Yukon a leader in people centred care.

We will keep making housing options available to Yukoners.

We will tackle Yukon’s housing issues by supporting more affordable housing options, releasing 1000 lots, working with the private sector on new developments and making sure the Yukon’s most vulnerable people have access to a safe place to sleep.

We will keep working with Yukon First Nations.

We have spent a lot of time and effort on the important work of resetting relationships with First Nation government. We are committed to continuing that work through the Yukon Forum and by respecting final and self-governing agreements.

We will keep improving infrastructure.

Our government has invested heavily in improving infrastructure and that effort will continue if we are re-elected. We tabled a $430 million capital budget this spring which includes infrastructure projects throughout the territory.

“This platform considers Yukoners of all ages and all walks of life. It sets our territory on a positive path to the future. Our team knows what it takes to achieve our commitments, we know what is possible and where our territory can do better. The commitments I am making to you today are real, achievable projects that will benefit Yukoners for generations to come. It’s not time to change course, it’s time to keep going.”

Yukon Liberal Party Leader Sandy Silver