Whitehorse: Vuntut Gwitchin MLA Darius Elias says he is pleased with the performance of the Liberal caucus during the Fall Sitting of the 33rd Yukon Legislative Assembly that ended today.  The second-term MLA said the caucus has set a new direction, one that tilts the party to the right of the political spectrum.

“I think we had a successful start.  There’s a new leader, a new caucus, a new vision, a new direction and a more balanced approach.  We believe our economy and our environment can co-exist and that compassion and prosperity can co-exist,” he said.  “Yukoners who tuned into the proceedings saw a Liberal caucus focused on economic development issues and concerns raised at the community level.  Our main job is to represent the people who put us here and we intend to keep doing that as our first priority.”

Elias also used the sitting to press the government to move forward with developing Yukon’s natural gas resources.

“There is huge potential for Yukoners to develop a resource industry that rivals our mining sector,” he said.  “It will not happen if the Yukon Party continues to ignore it as it did over the last nine years.”     

Klondike MLA Sandy Silver used the fall sitting to put a number of Klondike issues on the government’s agenda, including the proposed new recreation centre, a housing shortage, mine training and staffing and programming concerns at the new hospital.

“I will continue to hold the government accountable for the commitments it made to the residents of Dawson and bring to its attention issues that were raised with me before the election,” he said.  “I’m concerned the government is already back-tracking on the promise of a new recreation centre but remain hopeful we can work together for my community.”

Silver also congratulated the City of Dawson on acquiring the Top of the World Golf Course.

“I’m very happy to see this valuable tourism asset turned over to the people of Dawson,” he said.  “The outstanding loan hanging over the property has been a concern for a number of years and I hope my lobbying this sitting played a part in seeing this end on a positive note.”


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