Math'ieya Alatini Acclaimed in Kluane

BURWASH LANDING – Math’ieya Alatini has been acclaimed as the Yukon Liberal candidate in Kluane through an uncontested nomination for the party on September 1st, 2016. 

Alatini finishes her second term as the Chief of the Kluane First Nation later this summer and she has much to be proud of over the last 6 years: a partnership with Kluane National Park for an exclusive fly-in resort, mining agreements with industry and Yukon Government, new housing for citizens, energy self-sufficiency and food security projects and improvements to self-government processes, to name a few.

“I’ve always found ways to build on the strengths and opportunities that are in front of me. I facilitate relationship building to create economic, social and environmental benefits that flow from partnerships. My track record for non-partisan cooperation has benefited my Nation.”

Alatini holds a Degree in Commerce from UVic and that is certainly apparent looking at her efforts towards self-reliance and economic resilience in her small community. With a diverse work history in sectors ranging from mining to tourism to Aboriginal Affairs, she is no stranger to hard work, due diligence and negotiations.

“I’ve been called straightforward, but I think of myself as an ambassador for Yukon First Nations, as well as the Yukon. My relationships with all governments has been one of collaboration as much as possible. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever settled for “good enough” though. There’s always room for improvement and especially through respectful dialogue.”

Our Council found ways to improve the life for our citizens (KFN) by working with YG, but I know there’s a better way to do things. I want to be part of advancing relationships between the self-governing First Nations and the territorial government; I know it’s possible.”

“I have always looked at situations and wondered how I could improve them. I feel really strongly about leaving things better than I found them.”

The Yukon Liberal Party has impressed Alatini with the inclusive approach they take to working with a wide range of organizations, First Nations and other political parties to move ideas forward.

“Math’ieya has proven herself as a dedicated and powerful voice for the people that she serves,” says Leader, Sandy Silver. “We are excited to have her on the team and I am looking forward to working more closely with her.”