McIntyre Creek Park to be established under Yukon Liberal government

“The creation of McIntyre Creek Park will benefit all Yukoners. This area has tremendous historical, cultural, and academic importance for the residents of Whitehorse and they have been asking for protection for decades. McIntyre Creek and its surrounding lands include significant wildlife areas and unique wetlands that support biodiversity in our territory.”

- Ranj Pillai, Liberal Candidate for Porter Creek South

“McIntyre Creek is an important recreation area for Yukoners to connect with nature. Establishing a park in this area will provide a permanent place to enjoy nature within the city and protect important habitats that support a variety of plants and animals, including rare and threatened species.”

- Paolo Gallina, Liberal Candidate for Porter Creek Centre

As part of our plan to protect the Yukon’s environment, a re-elected Yukon Liberal government will create McIntyre Creek Park. Working together with Yukoners, the City of Whitehorse, the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, the Ta’an Kwäch’an Council, and Yukon University, a Yukon Liberal government will set aside land to permanently protect McIntyre Creek for present and future generations of Yukoners. 

The creation of McIntyre Creek Park will help slow biodiversity loss in the Yukon by protecting important wildlife areas. The park will also provide a permanent outdoor recreation space that people of all ages and abilities can access by walking, cycling, public transportation and other means.

The Liberal government worked very hard throughout the last four years to protect the Yukon’s pristine environment. Our government signed the final recommended plan from the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Planning Commission, and successfully implemented a price on carbon in a way that reflects northern realities. We acted to protect fragile alpine areas by creating Off-Road Vehicle regulations for specific alpine regions. We developed an extensive network of management plans and habitat areas across Yukon that are properly protected, including Ch’ihilii Chik Habitat Protection Area Management Plan (2019), the Herschel Island–Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park Management Plan (2019) and the Ddhaw Ghro Habitat Protection Area Management Plan (2018).

A re-elected Yukon Liberal government will continue to take action by developing both species at risk and animal protection legislation to ensure that the Yukon’s wildlife and animal populations are adequately protected.