Whitehorse:  If the Premier is serious about improving his relationship with Yukon First Nations perhaps he should look at today’s announcement from Golden Predator and the Kaska Nation, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver.  The two parties signed an exploration agreement today with respect to activities within the traditional territory of the Kaska Nation.

“Golden Predator has succeeded where the Yukon Party government could not,” he said.  “They have struck a deal with the Kaska, in fairly short order, that will ensure exploration continues in the Kaska’s traditional territory.  This is a good news story and the company and the Kaska deserves high marks for their accomplishment.”

Silver says the key to today’s announcement is Golden Predator’s cooperative approach to working with First Nations.

“They have been a very good corporate citizen in Dawson and have a solid working relationship with the Tr’ondek Hwech’in,” he said.  “That same approach has resulted in an agreement that will benefit both the company and the Kaska.  You contrast the company’s approach with that of the government and it is easy to see the difference.”

Silver is optimistic the government will take a page from the Predator playbook and start working with First Nation governments.

“The Pasloski/Cathers government has a confrontational attitude towards First Nation governments that is holding back real economic development for all Yukoners,” he said.  “Instead of ignoring Golden Predator maybe the government will try and follow their lead.  Under this Yukon Party government we have gone from leading the country in First Nations relations to leading the way in court action.  Perhaps today’s news will serve as a wake-up call.”         


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