Providing Vision for Yukon’s professional civil service

WHITEHORSE – Yukon’s public servants need vision and leadership to deliver high-quality programs and service to citizens.  Yukon Liberals will provide that.

“We will not set the public service up to fail,” said Richard Mostyn, Yukon Liberals’ Whitehorse West candidate. “We will provide the vision, direction, tools and resources to get the job done. We will ask the public service for their best advice and fully consider it when making decisions for the benefit of all Yukoners, not just a privileged few.”

The public service is supposed to serve the public, not the politicians.

“We will not reach down into the civil service to achieve our political needs,” said Mostyn. “Through a respectful, inclusive government, we will ensure that our civil servants do not feel intimidated.”

The Yukon government has a deep pool of dedicated people. These Yukoners are one of the territory’s greatest assets.

“There are thousands of public servants who provide incredible and necessary services throughout our territory,” said Mostyn. “It’s time we respect them and treat them like the professionals they are. Public servants want equitable treatment, the tools to do their jobs, and respect for a job well done in an efficient, accountable workplace.”

A Yukon Liberal Government will:

  • modernize the provision of staff housing;
  • provide political direction, then respect our professional public servants to deliver programs and services to Yukoners properly and efficiently;
  • Support public servants through meaningful professional development, and
  • with the input of the Yukon Employees’ Union and Yukon Teachers’ Association, review hiring/promotion processes to ensure that they are open, transparent and efficient.


For more information please contact: 

Richard Mostyn, Yukon Liberals candidate, Whitehorse West

Yukon Liberals HQ 668-4748