Question re: Economic outlook 2014

Hansard, November 14, 2014

Mr. Silver:   After delaying the release of this year’s economic forecast for several months, it finally saw the light of day in September. We know the Yukon’s economy will grow only 0.6 percent this year and that will put us 11th out of 13 jurisdictions in Canada for 2013.

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Question re: Economic outlook

Hansard November 13, 2013

Mr. Silver:   Mr. Speaker, I have a question for the Minister of Economic Development. Earlier this summer, the minister told Yukoners that the numbers don’t matter. He was speaking about the Peel watershed, of course.

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Question re: Dawson-Fairbanks flights - November 12, 2013

Hansard, November 12, 2013

Mr. Silver: Early this summer, I wrote to the Minister of Highways and Public Works, raising concerns that I had been hearing regularly about the Dawson Airport’s state of readiness and customs issues for the flights from Fairbanks to Dawson.

“Don’t worry, everything is under control.”

Last Thursday, I asked the Minister of Community Services what steps the government had undertaken to ensure these flights will proceed next summer. I received pretty much the same answer of, “Don’t worry, we’re all ready.”

On Friday, Yukoners learned that the opposite is true and that customs officials in Fairbanks have denied landing rights to Air North and to Holland America to make nine weekly flights between the two destinations. The flights could shuttle as many as 19,000 passengers during the summer seasons.

When did the government learn about these customs problems, and why did the minister not mention it on Friday and instead chose to tell us that everything was fine?

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Question re: Dawson City hospital

Hansard November 6, 2013

Mr. Silver: Since we began this sitting I have been asking questions about the mismanagement of the F.H. Collins Secondary School project. I’d like to move today to another capital project the Yukon Party has bungled: the overbudget and behind-schedule Dawson City hospital.

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Question re: Klondike Valley fire hall - November 7, 2014

Hansard November 7, 2013

Mr. Silver:   I have a question about the Dawson City airport and the Klondike Valley fire hall. Recent renovations to the fire hall have turned it into more of a water distribution centre than a fire station.

A project to drill a well was delayed several times and missed many completion dates. The renovations caused considerable disruptions to the activities of the volunteer fire department. Training drills were cancelled, for example, and equipment had to be moved off-site because of the disturbance. Unfortunately, the impact goes beyond a temporary inconvenience. Firefighters I’ve spoken to believe the facility will now need to be expanded if it is ever to be an effectively operating fire station once again. An alternative — favoured by many — is to relocate the station to the airport, as this would allow for a faster response to incidents there.

Is expanding the existing fire hall or moving it to the airport something that this government is considering?

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Question - F.H. Collins Secondary School reconstruction

Hansard November 5, 2013

Mr. Silver: I have a question for the Premier. When the government began the process of replacing F.H. Collins school, it went to the public to gather input from the school council, parents and students.

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Question re: F.H. Collins Secondary School tender

Hansard November 4, 2013

Mr. Silver:   I have a question for the Premier about this government’s financial mismanagement of the F.H. Collins project.

In March 2013, the Premier told Yukoners the government had two estimates that told them that the schools could be built for $38.6 million. In fact, the government had two estimates that told them the opposite. It even had an estimate that told them that it would cost $43.7 million. Despite knowing this, the government instructed public servants to disregard the higher numbers and kept the budget from contractors bidding on the new school at $38.6 million. One company alone spent $500,000 preparing a bid on the project the government knew was going to come in overbudget.

Why did the Premier instruct officials to use a lower number, a number it already knew was unrealistic?

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Question re: F.H. Collins Secondary School reconstruction

Mr. Silver:   Mr. Speaker, I have a question for the Premier. On March 11, 2013, the government told Yukoners a new design for F.H. Collins was being chosen and an old design was being scrapped. The decision was announced by the Premier and a news release said, and I quote: “The approved construction budget, as detailed by two separate independent estimators, was $38.6 million.”

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Q.P. Resource Access Roads Framework May 16, 2013

Question re:    Resource Access Roads Framework

Mr. Silver:    Mr. Speaker, I have a question for the Minister of Highways and Public Works. In 2012, the minister introduced for public consultation a new Resource Access Roads Framework. It outlines the goals and principles that guide decisions around the development and management of resource access roads in the Yukon.

The purpose of this framework is to outline processes and provide guidance to regulators, industry and the public. While there was a great deal of hoopla when this consultation was first announced, there has never been any public confirmation that the framework has been adopted as official government policy.

Can the minister confirm that the Resource Access Roads Framework is now an official policy of this government?

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Q.P. Robert Service School educational outreach program May 15, 2013

Question re:  Robert Service School educational outreach program

Mr. Silver:    I have a question for the Minister of Education. The minister received a letter from the Chief of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation regarding the educational outreach program that is in place at Robert Service School in Dawson. The program addresses concern for youth who are struggling with regular attendance. It is clear that the dedicated teacher and associated programming have engaged our youth in a supportive learning environment. This school year, the program was made possible through the initiative of the principal and special circumstances within the school. Next academic year, the program will only be possible with a special commitment from the Government of Yukon. Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in is looking forward to the continuation of the educational outreach program and is encouraging the government to commit the teaching staff resources necessary for further development and success. Will the minister make this commitment?

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