Raj Murugaiyan, Takhini-Kopper King

Raj Murugaiyan is a Yukon businessperson who is dedicated to building a strong Yukon for

He and his family have lived in Whitehorse since 2009. He has a masters degree in physics and a
bachelor of Education. Before moving to Canada, he was a teacher in India for 17 years.

Murugaiyan owns a number of businesses in the Yukon, including a construction company, a
retail store and bed and breakfast. He also works as a Screening Officer at the Whitehorse

He is very proud of his family, all of whom are very hard workers. One of his daughters is an
environmentalist and the other is working on her undergraduate at the University of Victoria. 
His wife manages their retail business and is a support worker.

He believes a positive future for the Yukon includes affordable housing options, continued
investment in mental health supports, health care reform to focus on patients, work to combat
racism, and more investment in renewable resources

Murugaiyan is a director with Yukon Cares which supports refugees make Yukon their home.