Richard Mostyn wins contested nomination in Whitehorse West

WHITEHORSE – Richard Mostyn is the Yukon Liberal candidate in Whitehorse West after the party held its first contested nomination on Tuesday evening. 165 ballots were cast at the Mt. McIntyre Recreation Centre, seeing Mostyn win the majority after a four-month-long nomination contest with Ramesh Ferris. More than 200 people took out memberships in the Yukon Liberal Party, to participate in the vote.

“This is an incredible demonstration of support for the Liberal Party, our party,” said Mostyn. “Over the last several months, I’ve spoken to single parents, people on fixed incomes, social workers, roofers, contractors, truck drivers, bus drivers, doctors, pilots, Aboriginal people, French Canadians, Filipinos, Americans, Liberals, New Democrats, Conservatives – the gamut. And every single person has an important issue they care about.”

“Frankly, I’m going to listen to them all because that’s the job. This is a small territory, we’re all in this together and, if we’re going to find solutions, we all have to start pulling together again.”

“I would like to congratulate Richard Mostyn on winning the nomination for Whitehorse West. We are very happy to have him as our candidate and welcome his knowledge and expertise,” said Liberal leader Sandy Silver. “Both nominees worked tirelessly to gather support in the riding, signing up over 200 members. We are excited to carry this momentum forward.”

Mostyn, a former journalist, joined the Yukon Liberal Party in 2012. He has served on both the territorial and federal party’s executives. In 2015, he worked on Larry Bagnell’s nomination team and on his election campaign.

“Larry cares for Yukoners and is acknowledged as one of the hardest working politicians on Parliament Hill,” said Mostyn. “I was lucky enough to apprentice under one of the best, and I’ve taken those lessons to heart.”


For more information call:

Richard Mostyn (867) 335-2322

Jason Cunning (867) 334-5518