Whitehorse: The Government of Yukon decision to scrap the Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) is another example of poor planning and fiscal mismanagement, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver. In 2009, the Auditor General of Canada issued a very critical report on the Yukon Party’s handling of education. Her report emphasized the need for a comprehensive student information system.

“The government took the report and bought a system from British Columbia and called it YSIS.  At the time it was purchased there were already problems with it in British Columbia and in 2011 they scrapped the system,” said Silver.  “The Government of Yukon has now been forced to do the same thing.  It spent at least $750,000, probably more, on a system that was already being boycotted by teachers in BC.”

This year’s budget contains $750,000 for a replacement system and Silver hopes the same mistakes are not repeated.  It’s also unclear whether that amount is the total that will be spent on the project or simply represents the first year of funding.

“Last time around the government ignored the advice of the Yukon Teachers’ Association and bought a system that never did work properly,” he said.  “Perhaps this time the government will actually work with the people who have to use the system and buy something that will last longer than 2 years.”

Silver said the YSIS fiasco is only the latest in a long string of poorly planned and costly projects. 

“The ever-changing F.H. Collins project is another example of the inability of this government to manage capital projects,” he said.  “The centerpiece of the government’s annual budget is a $27 million bailout of the Yukon Hospital Corporation to cover costs for the two new rural hospitals.  The examples continue to pile up under this government’s watch.”    



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