Sheila Robertson, Copperbelt South

Sheila Robertson is a long-time Yukoner and a respected member of the business community. As a Journeyman Tradesperson, she has been a passionate small business owner since she was 19. She has owned and operated numerous successful businesses, including the Whitehorse-based Hello Gorgeous and Neighbourhood Pup.

Business is more than just making a living for Sheila. Fostering relationships, business mentoring (with a particular focus on young female entrepreneurs) and giving back to the community are also a primary focus of her day-to-day.

Sheila’s genuine love and compassion for all people are evident in how she conducts business - but she admits animals are a huge priority as well! In addition to her dedicated support of animal rescue initiatives, she serves as a director on two national dog breed clubs and is well known both nationally and internationally as a preservation breeder. Over the decades, Sheila has devoted countless volunteer hours to teaching and promoting responsible and humane dog ownership. In addition to her involvement in dog agility and lure coursing, she has also served as a mentor to many young animal owners.

In 1990, after moving from Inuvik, NWT, with three small children, a very pregnant Sheila arrived to find a ‘No Vacancy’ housing crisis in Whitehorse. She lived in many areas before settling in Mary Lake in 2009. This experience has given her an understanding of the diverse needs of the city's neighbourhoods and inspired her drive to find innovative, affordable housing options for Yukoners.

Through lived experience as a self-employed, single parent recreating a life after breaking free from domestic violence, Sheila brings a wealth of compassion and grit to the campaign.

Sheila has also been inspired by the overwhelming community support she recently received during her spouse’s battle with terminal cancer and wants to take community service to the next level by being a real and approachable voice in government.

Sheila brings a vast amount of insight and grace to any discussion and to decision-making; her joy, compassion, enthusiasm, and love of people, cultures and learning are attributes she wants to use to make positive and progressive changes as an elected official.