Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the Oil-Fired Appliances Working Group Action Plan and Rec

Sandy Silver today issued the following statement on recommendations from the Oil-Fired Appliances Working Group:

“Recommendations from the Working Group are a good first step towards resolving an issue the government has been ignoring for several years.  I am optimistic the action plan will result in better rules and safer homes.

“Future government consultations on this matter should bring to the public’s attention all comments received to date and not simply be restricted to the recommendations from the Working Group. 

“To date the Government of Yukon has not provided an explanation for why new legislation is required.  It may be possible to make improvements by regulation and that option needs to be examined.  We know new legislation takes a long time to produce and the issue of oil-fired appliances is already regulated under the Building Standards Act.  Would it not be more expeditious to create new regulations under this legislation as opposed to starting down the long path of an entirely new act?”