Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the Select Committee Report on Fracking

Sandy Silver today issued the following statement on the Select Committee Report on Fracking:

“At this time there are too many unknowns to support fracking in the Yukon.  While the techniques used in extracting shale gas are understood, more research is needed to explore the environmental, health and water impacts that will result from this process. 

At this time there is little buy-in or social license from Yukoners regarding fracking.  Gaining social acceptance would be essential before fracking could proceed.

A massive effort in targeted science is required to understand all the health and environmental impacts of shale gas development. Currently, data about environmental, health and water impacts are neither sufficient nor conclusive. 

The recommendations contained in the report are not binding on the Government of Yukon.

A Liberal government would not issue permits for fracking given what I heard from academic experts, Yukoners, and First Nation governments.”



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