Statement on Premier Silver’s announcement that he will not seek re-election

Today, Premier Sandy Silver announced that he will not be seeking a 4 th term as the MLA for Klondike.
Sandy has asked the Party to initiate a Leadership Convention and engage with Party members to select
a new leader who will continue to support strong, positive progress for all Yukoners and lead the Yukon
Liberal Party (YLP) in the next territorial election , which is scheduled for November 3, 2025.

Sandy will continue to represent the Klondike for the remainder of his term, and he will continue to serve
as the Yukon’s Premier until a new leader is chosen by the Yukon Liberal Party. The YLP is pleased that
Sandy has committed to continue representing the people of Dawson City and working tirelessly with his
Liberal colleagues to make the Yukon a better place to live.

“Today we pause to reflect on the important and significant work Sandy Silver has done for his
constituents in the Klondike, for all Yukoners as the Premier, and for Yukon Liberals as the Party Leader”,
said Paolo Gallina, YLP spokesperson.

“Under Sandy’s leadership, the Yukon Liberal Party went from one seat in the Legislative Assembly to
forming a majority government and he has proved to be the most successful Liberal leader in the Yukon’s
history. His commitment to a balanced approach to the environment and the economy has resonated with
Yukoners and forged a more prosperous future for the territory. Under his leadership, the Yukon has
established the fastest growing economy in the country with the lowest unemployment rate. The territory
is leading Canada in both GDP growth and population growth. He has also left an indelible mark on
governance in the territory by fostering strong, respectful government-to-government relationships with
Yukon First Nations for the benefit of all Yukoners. When faced with a global pandemic, Sandy’s steady
leadership kept Yukoners safe while delivering support programs that were gold-standard throughout the
country. For the past six years, Sandy and his team have always put the interests of Yukoners first,
moving the territory forward through a wide range of initiatives that the Yukon Liberal Party will continue
to advance.”

In the coming days, the Yukon Liberal Party will meet to discuss the rules and timing for a leadership
election, as outlined by the party’s Constitution. An update on that process will be provided as soon as