Whitehorse:  Students are being shortchanged by the Government of Yukon’s inability to keep promises related to the new construction of F.H. Collins School, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver.  Students, parents and teachers were recently informed plans to deal with the extended closing of the school’s gymnasium are not in place as promised.

“My main concern is the government has only considered, to this point, where to reschedule actual courses,” Silver said.  “They are up against private clubs and user groups at the Canada Games Centre, and other programing in other schools. The final scheduling is going to be interesting to say the least and leaving it to the last minute will not help.”

Among the many unanswered questions is what will become of after-school programming.

“As far as I know, no consideration has gone to any of the after-school varsity sports programming,” he said. “As an athlete looking to further supplement your university portfolio, this puts the students of F.H. Collins at a huge disadvantage.”

Aside from sports, there are other unresolved issues related to the closure.

“It’s been my experience, working in the school system in the Yukon for 15 years, and volunteering my time in the gyms as a coach all these years, that it isn’t even the varsity athletes that I am most concerned about; it’s the students who use these facilities as a refuge; the gym is a safe place for our at-risk students: does the government have a plan for these young adults?”

The other major concern is the government hasn’t even begun to tackle the logistics of having no gymnasium.

“Office space for teachers to develop curriculum and design lesson plans, centralized and heated storage of gym equipment, and - most important – a dedicated bus system for the teachers and their programing,” Silver said.  “It’s my understanding that none of these have even been considered yet.”


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