Ted Adel Wins Contested Liberal Nomination in Copperbelt North.

WHITEHORSE – Ted Adel has won the Yukon Liberals candidate contest in the riding of Copperbelt North on Monday, August 29, 2016.  233 ballots were cast at the Mt. MacIntyre Recreation Centre, seeing Adel win the majority after a nomination contest with Raj Murugaiyan and Mike Pemberton. More than 260 people took out memberships with the Yukon Liberals to participate in the vote.

“I have lived in the Yukon for over 24 years and each year has brought a deeper love and respect for the land and the people who live here,” said Adel. “I have heard at the doors these last few months so many concerns, from assisted living to more inclusive education programs for those who learn differently and are challenged by the current system. But most consistently, constituents say they want to be heard.”

A graduate of Wilfred Laurier University, Adel owned and operated family businesses for 25 years before moving to Yukon, where he has worked in the private sector as well as for the federal and territorial governments. In addition to previously serving in a union executive position, Adel has volunteered extensively in the community and sits on the Board of Biathlon Yukon.

“The Yukon Liberals, under the leadership of Sandy Silver, embodies my personal core values: honesty, integrity, cooperation,” said Adel. “Sandy’s collaborative approach to problem solving is exactly what, in my experience, gets the best results.”

"Ted's passion and commitment to his community make him a welcome addition to this strong and diverse Yukon Liberal team. I look forward to working with him," said Leader, Sandy Silver.