Tourism businesses and Yukoners to benefit from the Great Yukon Summer

“Our territory is home to world-renowned tourism experiences. The Great Yukon Summer campaign will encourage Yukoners to explore the territory while supporting our extensive network of tourism operators. This is a great way to kick start our tourism sector as they prepare to welcome back visitors from around the world.” - Liberal candidate for Mountainview Jeanie McLean

“Yukon’s tourism sector is a vital part of our economy, providing good jobs across the territory and creating economic benefits in our communities. Yukoners have a great sense of adventure and we know our tourism operators are ready to provide them with unique experiences. The Great Yukon Summer will help the tourism sector rebound stronger than ever.” - Liberal candidate for Porter Creek South Ranj Pillai

This year has been unimaginably difficult for tourism operators in the Yukon. Our team has been working with the tourism industry to support them through this time and make sure they are ready to welcome visitors when it is safe to do so.

Yukoners have proven how much we can accomplish when we all work together. This summer it is time that we rally around our tourism industry to help support them through another season with limited visitors. 

A re-elected Yukon Liberal government will launch the Great Yukon Summer campaign as part of its plan to reignite tourism and support Yukon businesses across the territory.

The Great Yukon Summer campaign will:

  • Create incentives  for  Yukon  tourism  operators  to offer  Yukoner  Rates   for tourism products and services for summer 2021;

  • Provide Yukon businesses free access to the Yukon government’s marketing agencies to help them build campaigns to maximize the attraction of Yukoners in the summer of 2021;

  • Establish a $500,000 fund for Yukon organizations to hold local events in the summer of 2021; and

  • Provide support for the Mountain Music Festival, to take place in fall 2021, with the MacBride Museum. 

We will work with each Yukon community to make sure all COVID-19 precautions are met so they are ready to accept new travellers.

To support Yukon’s tourism sector during the pandemic, the Yukon Liberal government introduced the $15 million Tourism Relief and Recovery Plan in 2020. The Plan provides comprehensive supports for tourism businesses, including those in the accommodation sector and culture and tourism non-profit organizations. Increased funding for the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund, the ELEVATE business mentoring program in partnership with Yukon University, and a three-year destination marketing strategy are all included in the Plan.

In 2020, the Liberal government allocated over $107 million to manage the pandemic, support Yukoners and provide relief to protect Yukon’s economy. The Liberals budgeted nearly $50 million in the 2021-22 budget to continue to provide these supports.