Whitehorse:  The Government of Yukon should publicly outline its response to the release of a ‘REASONS FOR DECISION’ document from the Water Board, says Klondike MLA Sandy Silver.  The document, concerning the Minto mine, states ‘Based on the findings of the Board that the Licensee has violated the existing water use license….”

“Under the Waters Act there are penalties for not complying with the terms of a license,” said Silver.  “There should certainly be an investigation to determine if in fact that happened in this case.  The Premier needs to publicly commit to making that happen and to publicly releasing the results of the investigation.”

The public deserves to know there is proper oversight and enforcement of licenses handed out by the Government of Yukon.

“Once something of this nature is brought to the attention of the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources and the Premier there is an obligation to act and I hope that happens in this case,” he said.  “The public must be confident the system is working.”

The decision document is also critical of the Government of Yukon’s failure to appear at the public hearing held to review the terms of the water license in question.

“If there is a good reason for not appearing the public deserves to hear it,” said Silver.  “Again it is up to the Premier to be open and accountable by explaining the actions of his government.’

The MLA for Klondike said he does not share the NDP’s opposition to having water monitoring and enforcement housed in the Department of Energy Mines and Resources.

“I don’t think it matters one bit what department the inspectors are in,” he said.  “They have a job to do wherever they are. This particular file has been on the EMR desk since at least 2009 and therefore is not related at all to the recent change in departmental responsibilities.”  


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