Yukon Liberal Leader announces April 12th territorial election

WHITEHORSE, YT - Yukon Liberal Party leader Sandy Silver announced today that Yukoners will head to the polls on April 12th. Elected in November, 2016 the Liberal government has served Yukoners for four and a half years and recently introduced a budget that lays out priorities and plans for the future.  The opposition parties both voted against it.  

“We have supported and kept Yukoners safe through a global pandemic. We have the best economy in Canada and we have dramatically improved relations with Yukon First Nation governments,” said Silver.  “We are at a crossroads. Now it will be up to voters to decide what path they want to go down.” 

Since being elected in 2016, the Yukon Liberal Party has made many important changes and created a positive forward momentum in the Yukon. 

Highlights of the Liberals work in this mandate include: 

  • Implementing the final recommended Peel Watershed Land Use Plan
  • Cutting the small business and corporate tax rates 
  • Creating strong pandemic response support programs for businesses and Yukoners 
  • Creating an affordable, universal early learning childcare program
  • Improving health care by increasing services and reducing wait times 
  • Investing in land development and housing projects to create more housing options 
  • Creating an MMIWG2S+ strategy to support and protect Yukoners 
  • Taking bold climate change mitigations including reducing GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 
  • Implementing an affordable early learning childcare plan, saving Yukoners thousands of dollars a year 
  • Increasing mental health services, regulated midwifery, hired Nurse Practitioners, and improved medical travel options
  • Protecting important wilderness areas 
  • Fostering respectful relationships with First Nation governments 
  • Building and improving infrastructure in communities to support rural Yukoners 

The Liberal Party has an exciting team of candidates who bring very diverse skills. The 10 incumbents have proven their ability to govern and are ready to come back and continue their good work. The team has added new members from all walks of life with a breadth of experience. From government leaders to strong business people and from community organizers to health and recreation supporters.

“We have been monitoring the COVID situation, waiting for the situation to be safe enough to hold an election. With the strong vaccine uptake and  measures in place to stop importation of the virus, I believe that time is now,” said Silver. “Yukoners have shown great confidence in our government since we took office. We humbly ask that you continue your support for our team and re-elect a Liberal government so we can keep the good work going.”


Contact: Sunny Patch

Campaign Communications

(867) 332-3838