Yukon Liberal Party commits to supports for women and families

“These investments all directly support women, families and children. We are hearing how the pandemic has disproportionately impacted women across the country and these commitments show our support for women and families now and into the future. Reproductive care is important, and Yukoners should have access to the care and services they want and need.” – Paolo Gallina, candidate for Porter Creek Centre

“As a business owner, I have seen my staff impacted by the cost of childcare. Women shouldn’t have to decide between their career and their family. They should be able to make decisions about the future based on what they want, not what they can afford.” – Staci McIntosh, candidate for Porter Creek North

Yukon Liberal government has made life more affordable for families and remains committed to supporting Yukon families through another key campaign commitment announced today. 

Effective April 1, licensed daycares and day homes will receive $700 per-child each month to directly reduce the cost of childcare for parents, guardians and families. Children who attend programs part-time will receive a prorated fee reduction. 

Across the country, childcare fees are often the biggest financial burdens placed on families outside of housing costs. This program will directly and immediately ease this financial strain on Yukon households. 

This initiative is a recommendation in the Putting People First report, which called for universal early childhood education for all Yukon children over the age of one and to provide families with options to improve children’s learning outcomes.

As the second Province or Territory to adopt a whole-scale universal affordable early learning program, Yukon is now a leader on the national stage when it comes to investments in early learning opportunities. 

The Yukon Liberal Party is also proud to be moving forward with funded and regulated midwifery services into Yukon’s health care system, which will launch in the fall of 2021.

This is an important milestone in our territory to give families more choice around birth options. 

Additionally, today the Yukon Liberal Party announced it would subsidize prescription birth control and period products for those in need as part of its 2021 platform commitments. Too often women and those who need these products are forced to choose if they can afford these necessities.


Key Facts


  • Putting People First is the final report of the Yukon government’s comprehensive review of health and social program and services.
  • To further support this goal the Universal Early Learning Child Care program will transfer to the Department of Education. This shift puts into action our commitment to support the life-long education of Yukoners, from birth onward.