Yukon Liberals lay out road map for Knowledge Economy

WHITEHORSE – Copperbelt South Liberal candidate Jocelyn Curteanu today released the Yukon Liberals plan to build the knowledge economy.

“The knowledge economy encompasses the innovation, IT and science sectors; sectors that will build communities and strengthen the economic base of the Yukon,” Curteanu said.  “We can begin to do that by accelerating the completion of the fibre optic redundancy project.  There’s been nothing but empty promises and frustrated consumers because of the lack of urgency surrounding this project.”

Curteanu also announced the Liberals would establish a $10 million economic infrastructure investment fund through the Yukon Development Corporation (YDC) to advance economic diversification and technological innovation.

“In addition to creating a five year funding plan for technology innovation projects we want to expand the mandate of YDC to drive technological innovation,” she said.  “We plan to improve government support for the Yukon’s growing technology sector by working with industry to ensure the proper infrastructure is in place to expand and pursue new initiatives.”

A Yukon Liberal government will also:

  • develop an innovation plan;
  • pursue opportunities for advancing scientific research in Yukon such as:
    • establishing a Yukon Research Fund;
    • reviewing the Yukon Scientists and Explorers Act, and
    • creating additional Yukon Research Chair(s) at Yukon College.
  • establish an Open Data Repository;
  • establish a 5-Year funding plan for technology innovation projects; and
  • enhance connectivity and bandwidth for all Yukon communities.

The Yukon Liberals economic plan is anchored by efforts to diversify our economy, keep dollars from contracts in the territory and make First Nation government’s full partners in building a strong economic future.


For more information please contact: 

Yukon Liberals HQ 668-4748