Yukon Liberals outline plan to support Yukon businesses, workers

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Liberals will make benefits to Yukoners the top priority when it comes to procurement, said Porter South Liberal candidate Ranj Pillai today. 

“Having watched the current government award hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of contracts to companies from Outside it is time to put Yukoners first again,” he said. “Part of the reason that happened was because the government wrote tenders that actually worked against Yukon companies.  In the case of F.H. Collins, the tender requirements excluded Yukon contractors from bidding and even required windows that could not be made here. The result was local companies were shut out and work and dollars went Outside. That has to change and it will under a Liberal government.”

Pillai said the goal of government expenditures will be to create Yukon jobs and build Yukon capacity.

“With just four contracts alone more than $250 million in government dollars have been awarded to companies from Outside in the last 2 years,” he said. “The government that did this can’t be trusted to fix it. It is time for new economic leadership that prioritizes Yukon businesses.”

A Liberal government would tender construction projects that are seasonally dependent no later than March of each year and put in place a detailed 5-Year Capital Plan that will create certainty and inform the local business community.

“One of the ways to reverse our current economic decline is to make better use of the money Yukon spends on contracting – creating what we call ‘sticky dollars’,” Pillai said. “That money needs to circulate here, to benefit Yukon families and help local businesses prosper.”

The Yukon Liberals plan is anchored by efforts to diversify our economy, keep dollars from contracts in the territory and make First Nation government’s full partners in building a strong economic future.



For more information please contact: 

Ranj Pillai, Porter Creek South candidate



Yukon Liberals, 668-4748



 Reduce Barriers to Procurement and Contracting for Yukoners

  • Yukon government expenditures will create Yukon jobs and build Yukon capacity.
  • Ensure all tenders submissions demonstrate measurable Yukon benefits as part of the evaluation process
  • Implement tendering standards that ensures local contractors have a level playing field and there are no barriers to entry when competing for Government contracts.
  • As a priority implement the recommendations of the Procurement Advisory Panel Report in an accelerated manner, completing its implementation by 2018. 
  • Ensure tenders include locally produced products that meet the required standards.
  • Under Regional/Economic Development provisions of AIT, any product being manufactured locally will have automatic preference for Government procurement.
  • Collaborate with major industry including mines and large infrastructure projects to ensure they have local-purchase programs that compliment government procurement initiatives.
  • Work with the business community to further review barriers and establish fair and transparent Yukon contracting practices that ensure local contractors have a level playing field when competing for Government contracts
  • Add a local servicing and warranty provision to all tenders.
  • Double the exempt thresholds under AIT to (a) $100,000 (goods), (b) $250,000 (services), and (c) $500,000 (construction). Procurement under those thresholds should be through competitive bidding only for (a) Yukon owned and operated business and (b) for those business that have an office and minimum two full-time Yukon employees.
  • Travel expenses (which are ultimately paid by the buyer) will be included in all bids for services, like software, and consultancy.


Commit to Transparent Capital Planning

  • Tender projects for seasonally dependent Yukon Government-funded construction projects no later than March each year.
  • Create a detailed 5-Year Capital Plan that will create certainty and inform the local business community.
  • Develop an inventory of shovel-ready projects.
  • Ensure tender specifications and products required for capital projects include goods and services that are available locally.
  • Ensure the timing and size of Yukon Government spending initiatives do not disadvantage local businesses and maximizes the value of Government contracting spending retained locally.
  • Government procurement strives to maximize the value of locally retained spending.