Yukon Liberals will invest in Yukon forestry sector, develop sustainable local food options

WATSON LAKE – Yukon Liberals will target investment to boost small-scale softwood lumber opportunities and support more biomass heating projects, says Watson Lake Liberal candidate Ernie Jamieson. 

“The Yukon Liberals recognize that economic diversification means supporting existing and emerging sectors. A Yukon Liberal government will work in collaboration with industry and First Nations partners to expand our forestry sector, targeting manufactured lumber,” Jamieson said. “Our government’s investment will also be supported by a forestry plan for southeast Yukon for commercial harvesting.”  This plan would also include silvaculture. 

Jamieson said biomass could be a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for heating in the territory.

“Over time, our aim is to encourage the adoption of modern, clean-burning, wood-heating technologies and optimize the use of local wood resources in the production of heat to deliver adequate energy,” Jamieson added.

Additionally, as part of the Yukon Liberals’ plan to diversify our economy, a Liberal Government would invest in our agriculture industry.

“We know that all our food is not currently trucked in and we’d like to see even more produced locally,” said Jamieson. “Locally provided food is good for the environment, the economy and our heath”.  Yukon Liberals will invest in community-based greenhouse, agriculture, and farming projects to bolster the Yukon agriculture industry and make more local food available in Yukon markets, restaurants, schools, and industries, especially for the communities.

“In order to increase Yukon food self-sufficiency, the Yukon Liberal Party will establish benchmarks and targets for sustainable agriculture production,” Jamieson said.  “This would be complimented by incentives for local food and goods production. Options for tax credits for local food producers would also be examined.”

The Yukon Liberal Party platform also contains a commitment to expand the Fire Smart program to prevent major fire threats to communities.



For more information please contact: 

Ernie Jamieson, Yukon Liberals candidate, Watson Lake

Yukon Liberals HQ 668-4748