Yukon Party Doubles Down on Misleading Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – “No sooner did we set the record straight on carbon pricing than the Yukon Party sent out more untruths,” said Liberal leader Sandy Silver today. “Yukoners deserve to hear the facts.”

At a news conference this morning, Sandy Silver and Mt Lorne-Southern Lakes candidate John Streicker presented the unvarnished truth about carbon pricing:

1. Yukon Liberals will NOT impose a carbon tax in Yukon;

2. The federal government has repeatedly stated that national carbon pricing will be put in place by the end of 2016;

3. Premier Pasloski agreed in the March 2016 Vancouver Declaration to adopt carbon pricing;

4. The Yukon Party government has been working behind the scenes with other jurisdictions for months, advising Ottawa on how – not whether – to implement carbon pricing;

5. Regardless of which party forms the next Yukon government, the federal government will introduce a price on carbon—and since a cap-and-trade system won’t work in the north, it will take the form of a federal tax;

6. The Yukon Liberals believe carbon pricing should not impose a burden on Yukoners, and commits to working with the federal government to ensure all carbon revenue collected in the Yukon will be returned to Yukon and rebated to Yukoners;

7. The Yukon Liberals believe that pretending carbon pricing may not arrive does not serve the interests of Yukoners; they choose instead to focus efforts on protecting Yukoners from being negatively affected.