Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the Conference Board of Canada’s Summer 2016 Territorial Outlook

“According to the Conference Board of Canada, Yukon’s economy is facing the bleakest near-term outlook of all the provinces and territories.  This is the sad state of our economy after five years of Yukon Party 2.0 being at the helm. We have the worst outlook in the north and indeed all of Canada.

It is clear from the report released today Yukon needs new economic leadership.  Years of fighting and court battles with First Nation governments is harming our economy. The key to a more well-rounded economic future is diversification. This is a lesson the current government failed to learn and instead was caught flat-footed when mineral prices fell from historic highs. There was no plan in place beyond coasting on high mineral prices and our years of negative economic growth have clearly demonstrated the consequences of this approach.

The decline is being felt by Yukon workers as our unemployment rate moved above the national average in the latest employment report from Statistics Canada.

As we head into an election campaign the Yukon Liberals plan is anchored by efforts to diversify our economy, keep dollars from contracts in the territory and making First Nation government’s full partners in building a strong economic future.”


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