Yukon Liberals outline plan to create good jobs by cutting taxes, growing business sector

WHITEHORSE – A Yukon Liberal government will deliver significant tax cuts to Yukon employers said Liberal leader Sandy Silver today.

"Yukon currently has the highest corporate tax rate of any jurisdiction west of Nova Scotia. A Yukon Liberal government will change that and level the playing field for Yukon employers while making it more attractive for businesses to operate in the territory," he said. "Reducing taxes for employers is part of our plan to promote a more diversified economy and create good jobs."

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Yukon Party Doubles Down on Misleading Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – “No sooner did we set the record straight on carbon pricing than the Yukon Party sent out more untruths,” said Liberal leader Sandy Silver today. “Yukoners deserve to hear the facts.”

At a news conference this morning, Sandy Silver and Mt Lorne-Southern Lakes candidate John Streicker presented the unvarnished truth about carbon pricing:

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Truth about Carbon Pricing in Yukon

WHITEHORSE – “No Yukon government can impose a carbon tax,” said Liberal Leader Sandy Silver today. “The Taxpayers Protection Act requires any new tax to be agreed to by Yukoners in a referendum.”

The current premier adopted the Vancouver Declaration committing Yukon to “adopting a broad range of domestic measures, including carbon pricing;” carbon pricing in Yukon will be introduced by the federal government in keeping with their commitment to a national carbon pricing strategy.

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Better Together: Partnerships with First Nations for the benefit of all Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – “Yukon First Nations are modern people with modern agreements, being held back by outdated thinking,” said Liberal leader Sandy Silver today at a First Nations Chamber of Commerce luncheon. “Years of fighting and court battles with First Nation governments are damaging our economy. If properly implemented, the agreements are assets, beneficial to Yukon economically, socially, and environmentally. Agreements, if properly followed, provide for responsible, sustainable development and a strong economic future.”

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Statement by Klondike MLA Sandy Silver on the Conference Board of Canada’s Summer 2016 Territorial Outlook

“According to the Conference Board of Canada, Yukon’s economy is facing the bleakest near-term outlook of all the provinces and territories.  This is the sad state of our economy after five years of Yukon Party 2.0 being at the helm. We have the worst outlook in the north and indeed all of Canada.

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